The new release adds the support for the two high pixel density full frame DSLRs Nikon D3X and Sony A-900 (DxO Optics Pro Elite Edition required). 43 new DxO Optics Correction Modules are now available for a variety of cameras including the Sony Alpha DSLR A700 and A900, the Nikon D40x, D80, D90, D300, D700, D3, D3x and the Canon 400D/DIGITAL REBEL XTi/Kiss Digital X, 450D/DIGITAL REBEL XSi/Kiss X2, 50D and 5D Mark II. The complete list of changes can be found in the release note (PDF).

For readers who are not familiar with DxO Optics Pro, it is a unique RAW converter/workflow software that can automatically correct lens faults such as distortion, vignetting, softness and aberrations. DxO Optics Pro provides correction module for each specific lens/camera combination, ensuring laboratory-grade precision without user intervention. Other features of the software include high ISO optimized RAW conversion technology, batch processing, custom presets, and simulating color characteristics of other camera or films.

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