The Internet is abuzz about an interesting iPhone (works on iPod Touch too) application developed by onOne Software, called (Canon) DSLR Remote. You can not only trigger the shutter on supported Canon DSLR cameras, but also change the camera settings, review images taken, and even take LiveView shots. It almost sounds like a magic.

Besides your Canon DSLR and either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you will also need a laptop or desktop computer running the free companion DSLR Remote Server software, and a USB cable to connect your supported Canon EOS DSLR camera to the computer. The App communicates with the remote server software via Wi-Fi either through an access point or ad-hoc network. On the blog site of onOne Software, there is a video explaining how it works.

It might sound very clunky to lug all the hardware in the field, and the actual usefulness remains to be seen. The support of bulb mode does make long exposures especially light painting in the night easier, as pointed out by one of their potential users. For many, making their iPhone do one more cool thing is a great joy.

Based on the comments left by Mike Wong of onOne software, the shutter delay seems to be minimal. They also have heard from the Nikon camp loud and clear so if you are a fan of both Apple and Nikon, just stay tuned. Non-Apple fans are, however, out of luck.

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