In this story, a mommy blogger got her family photo stolen and the photo ended up in an ad in a Czech Republic grocery store, advertising its quick home delivery service.

Well, something like this (or even worse) can happen to anyone who posts digital photo online in blogs, social networking sites, or photo sharing sites. Putting the note “All right reserved” next to the photo doesn’t deter people who are determined to copy your image.

There some good advices offered in the story:

  • Don’t post high resolution photo online. Use just large enough size (800×600 or less) for viewing online but not very useful for commercial use. Add watermarks on images if possible.
  • Don’t post any photo that may reveal where you live and other private information you don’t want others to know.
  • Use a unique file name for your photo so you can search periodically online to see if it has been misused.
  • Embed photos in a flash image viewer if possible. It makes it very difficult to copy.
  • Use privacy controls on photo sharing or social networking sites to control who sees your photos.

Additional reading: Stolen Picture – The story and reader comments (more than 600 of them) at

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