We said farewell to Polaroid Instant Films last December because the company had decided to stop the production due to the inevitable transition to digital photography. Many, myself included, thought it was the final end of an era. Now, according to the Time article, the instant film is making a comeback thanks to two men who still see great market opportunity for instant film.

Their endeavor is what they called Impossible Project, which looks very possible now. If everything goes as planed, monochrome version of the new instant film will be available before Christmas and the color version will be available in year 2010.

If you cannot wait to dust off your old Polaroid instant camera, don’t worry. There are still instant films available.They are not cheap though. The cost of single exposure seems to run between 1 to 3 dollars. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out how fast you can pay for the fancy DSLR camera you have got by not shooting with the Polaroid Instant Film. 😀

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