DTown TV is a weekly video show in which Scott Keyby and Matt Kloskowski bring us some great tips, tricks, news, etc for Nikon digital SLR cameras. Probably due to its Nikon centric nature, many people seem to have gotten an impression that DTown TV is sponsored by Nikon. One most recent example is in the August 8th blog post about Nikon related news/links at NikonRumors.


Even the About page on DTown TV says so.


It must be real, right? However according to a Nikon Capture NX users group discussion posted by Nikon’s Mike Rubin, Nikon does not sponsor or produce DTown TV.


That makes it a little confusing: Does Nikon sponsor DTown TV or not?


As noted in the comment bellow by Phil. DTown TV has updated its About page and removed the words “is sponsored by Nikon”. So it appears that the matter has been settled: DTown TV is not sponsored by Nikon.

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