The standard way of carrying your camera is using the shoulder (neck) strap that comes with almost every camera. It has a lot to be desired. When I am out with my family, the camera would want to swing or roll wildly whenever I bend down to do something. Even during normal walking the camera bounces around and wants to slip off my shoulder. It requires one hand constantly on the camera to make sure it is secure and leaves another hand to do very limited things. For outdoor photographers, the shoulder strap just won’t work well for biking or hiking. I am sure many people have similar complaints. Recently, I have noticed a few products that can nicely solve the problems, for a price.


This is a collapsible SLR camera carrier constructed with steel wire and spring supported fabric boot. You can hang it on your belt or your back pack chest strap. The camera lens goes into the boot and the body rests on the coated wire frame holder. It also comes with a weather cover for the camera. The following is a Youtube video in which inventor Kelly Zunker demonstrates the HoldSLR camera carrier.

Also check out the video testimonial from a wedding photographer and see it in action on a mountain bike.

  • Price: $75.95
  • Potential problem: If you go through all of the videos you may notice that none of the lenses has lens hood on. My feeling is that it may be slightly inconvenient to slide the lens with a lens hood into the boot.
  • Find out more: HoldSLR

Cotton Carrier

Cotton carrier is a vest-like chest harness you can wear comfortably. It distributes the weight of the cameras nicely and allows you to carry two cameras effortlessly. You screw a camera insert into the tripod socket at the bottom of you camera and the insert slide into the receptacle on the harness and locks in place with a 90 degree turn. Watch the following video to see inventor Andy Cotton show you how easy it is to get the camera on and off.

The design of the Cotton Carrier is one size fit all. Check out this instruction video to see how to adjust and use the carrier.

Spider Holster

They call this Spider Revolution. It is a pocket sized holster made of steel and aluminum that goes on to almost any belt. You mount a camera pin into tripod socket and the pin slide on to the holster. You have the option to lock it in place or leave it free for quicker access. The Spider Holster completely removes stress from your back, neck, and shoulder and put the weight on your hip. The design is very beautiful (product photos on flickr). Check out the following video to see inventor Shai Eynav introducing the Spider.

  • Price: TBA (coming this Fall)
  • Potential problem: Get a stronger belt or carrier a backup just in case. Not for low-rise jeans. Not sure how to use this with a tripod. Update [September 20, 2009]: my concerns have been addressed by Shai’s comment below.
  • Find out more: Spider Holster

Are there any other better camera carriers? I’d like to hear from you. Please use the comment box below to share you comments and recommendations.

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