Remember the iPhone/iPod Touch application My Eyes Only Photo we talked about a while ago? The application allows you to encrypt sensitive images to safe guard your privacy.

Today I saw an inspiring story on The Arizona Republic about how the application’s creator, Joe Michels, started his Plan B as he saw jobs disappeared at his former employer’s firm. After spending a few months worth of nights and weekends writing his first iPhone application, he succeeded. When the development team he had supervised at his former job was laid-off, and his old boss was on his way out, Joe already had his Plan B on a firm ground.

He thought he made the right decision to quit his job last Fall.

My Eyes Only Photo was his second iPhone application. It was released this summer at $3.99 (currently $1.99 at App Store). There isn’t an exact dollar figure to show us how well it does but sales right now “are enough to make a good living” according to Joe’s words in the article .

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