Nikon USA Learn & Explore learning site has posted some really nice video tutorials in which Joe McNally brings you on location and shows you how to control the color in flash photography. The video tutorial has two parts:

In this set of video tutorials, Joe brings you to Good Springs, Neveda, a ghost town. You will learn from Joe as he steps in a historical place called Pioneer Salon and goes through location assessment and the actual shooting process. The success criteria of location photography is that the photos should be able to capture the mood of the environment and invoke feelings in people who sees the photos even though he/she may be millions of miles away. The focus of the tutorial is about achieving such goals by the choice of color and control of color.

As a Nikon sponsored video, you will find the use of a Nikon D700 full frame DSLR camera and Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight Flash that supports the so-called smart filters. When Joe used an incandescent filter and its holder on a SB-900, the flash automatically recognized the filter being used and automatically adjusted white balance to incandescent white balance on his D700. Joe did make a mistake by saying there was a chip embedded in the filter holder. There is none. Nikon uses simple coded square cut-outs in the filter so the flash can detect which type of filter is used.

Enjoy the videos!

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