Yongnuo is a well known Chinese brand for photography accessories in the photography community. They have products ranging from simple cords to power packs, wireless shutter releases, flash triggers, and shoe mount flashes.

Yongnuo’s current flash products include simple manual-mode-only YN-460 (available for ~$40 on ebay) and the Canon E-TTL or Nikon iTTL compatible YN-465 and YN-467. Now there is a all new YN-468 for Canon appearing on Yongnuo’s website. Unlike earlier models, YN-468 features a LCD panel on the backside of the flash and appears to have a new Multi Flash (RPT flash or stroboscopic flash) mode. It is said to be available around end of April. It is uncertain when the Nikon version will be available.

Another option for low cost Canon or Nikon TTL compatible flashes is Nissin Digital, based in Japan. Nissin flashes are available at Amazon and other well known photography vendors such as Adorama and B&H.

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