The YN-460 is a very low cost manual-mode-only shoe mount flash made by a Chinese company Yongnuo. It has become very popular in the strobist community due mostly to its low cost and good performance.

In order to change flash power level, the user is required to physically push the buttons on the backside of the unit. This typically means running back-and-forth when setting up the lights if they are used off-camera. If you are handy enough to use a soldering iron and program a micro-controller, you can make your life much easier.

This cool DIY project allows you to remotely change the power levels on YN-460 using a standard IR remote. The entire circuit fits in the empty space of YN-460.  The following Youtube video shows you how it works. All the details, including circuit diagram, sources for parts, and code for the PICAXE-08M micro-controller can be found at

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