Nikon ViewNX seemed to have forever stuck at version 1.5 until Nikon released the version 2. The new version has a redesigned user interface. It appears to be sleek but may be a little dull for some. The slideshow function is finally working. It has been constantly crashing on me in version 1.5.

It now supports dual display quite nicely. When you try to view photos full screen, it defaults to the second display. You can turn this feature off. It still cannot view images in a window. The choices of zoom levels are also limited.

Users can now select background colors from pure white, grey, dark grey, to black. However the background color change only affects the thumbnail and image viewing area. The rest of the user interface maintains its color. It looks ugly when white background is selected.

The notable additions are enhanced image editing functions such as cropping, image straightening, Auto Red-Eye and Auto Lateral Color Aberration. Movie editing functions are also introduced in this new version.

For US readers, you can get yours here.

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