Canon PowerShot G11 is perhaps the best compact non-interchangeable lens digital camera you can buy, until Nikon’s rumored COOLPix P7000 is released.

According to the rumor, Nikon’s new flagship compact camera will have less pixel count (10MP vs. 13.5MP) and slightly larger sensor (1/1.7″ vs. 1/1.72″) than its predecessor. So we should see improvement in low light noise performance. It is also rumored to have a 35mm equivalent 28mm-200mm zoom lens (G11 has 28mm-140mm lens and P6000 has 28-112mm lens).

Those specs seem to be all we know about the upcoming Nikon COOLPix P7000. It is probably too early to call it G11 killer. If there is a victory on the Nikon side, it may be short-lived. Canon’s PowerShot G12 should be coming very soon.

Source: Engadget via Nikon Rumors.

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