For many Canon 50D owners, the recently announced Canon EOS 60D seems to be a wrong camera on their upgrade plan. Certainly there are some good new features such as the 1080P video, articulating high resolution LCD, better AF and metering system etc. But the camera is no longer made of magnesium alloy. It has slower continues shooting speed, no auto-focus micro adjustment, and less durable shutter (100K vs. 150K). The responses have not been very positive in DPReview Canon EOS 7D / 50D – 10D Forum.

I think this is not surprising. Canon decided to play some marketing tricks and made EOS 7D their best APS-C DSLR after failing to catch up with Nikon’s flagship APS-C DLSR series D300 and D300s. Perhaps the 7D should really be the 60D.

Since EOS 60D is no longer the best APS-C DLSR camera in Canon’s DSLR line-up, it becomes difficult for Canon to deliver a new camera that fully satisfies their existing 50D users at a price point below the EOS 7D. The EOS 60D is perhaps now a good upgrade option for existing EOS T2i owners.

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