For beginners or less tech savvy people, understanding all the terms on the Nikon’s nikkor lens feature description page may be a little daunting. Nikon is certainly aware of that so people at Nikon have made it easier with their web site.

The following is what you see when you visit Nikon USA camera lens page. I highlighted in red oval the Glossary check box. Once checked, the webpage should show all the glossary terms highlighted in yellow. You only have to check it once and all the pages on the camera lenses section you browse should have the terms highlighted.

The following is an example from the page of AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR showing the explanation of super integrated coating (SIC).

For the markings on the Nikkor lens barrels, you can click on the lens feature icons on individual lens page or read this article titled How to Read Your Lens Barrel where many examples are shown and terms explained.

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