Adobe released the latest version of their flagship RAW photo management and workflow software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.6. The new version provides additional camera support for over 20 new camera models including the Canon Powershot S100, Fuji FinePix X10, and Nikon 1 J1. It also contains numerous bug fixes.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.6 bug fixes

  • Rapid advancement through the grid can make the preview processor die
  • Lightroom does not write to the correct metadata fields after editing capture time
  • Lightroom crashes when saving keyword to file
  • Certain JPG files appear to unsupported or damaged upon import into Lightroom
  • Publish to HD fails in LR 3.5 for publish collections created in 3.3 or earlier
  • Entering a custom aspect ratio in Quick Develop leaves the Crop Ratio menu black
  • Default scrolling behavior on OSX 10.7 makes non-scrolling mousewheel actions work backwards (Mac only)
  • Incorrect aspect ratio displayed in menu when crop is copy/pasted or applied via Previous button in the Develop module (Mac only)
  • Copy/Pasted Crop Aspect Ratio lost on edit
  • Copy/Pasted/Previous crop loses aspect ratio lock when adjusted in the Develop module
  • Tethering doesn’t work with the Nikon D3x
  • Error thrown when exporting video from slideshow and Lightroom is running as a 32-bit application
  • Crash using local adjustment brush with automask on with an attached image

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