A Seattle-area bride complained on Craig’s List that she couldn’t find a “decently priced, exceptional, amazingly talented, fun” wedding photographer who doesn’t charge less than $3000. She thought the $3000 price tag for a wedding is a WACK. That quickly drew some angry responses from wedding photographers. You can read one response on PetaPixel and another on a wedding photographer’s blog.

The wedding photographers tried to justify the price/wedding using their high costs of doing the business. That certainly resonates with many other photographers. Also wedding photography isn’t just about a day of shooting. There are also preparation work and post-processing work need to be done. Some calculated that the price/hour isn’t much higher than plumber or electrician.

Not all responses are supportive though. Some pointed out that it is unreasonable to expect 4-month wedding season work to cover all year’s expenses. Others pointed out the photographers were wrong about justifying the price by high cost of their businesses. Based on economics principle, the price is determined by the market. It is quite interesting to read through the comments attached to the photographers’ responses.

The story was also picked up by DPreview and generated hundreds of comments.

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