It first came as a rumor from the usual place but later Thom Hogan also confirmed it in a Feb 25 blog post. If everything goes as said, the Nikon D700 will be selling for $2199 starting March 2012, instead of current $2,699.

The official message from Nikon is that the Nikon D700 is not discontinued and the Nikon D800 is not a replacement for Nikon D700. So that leads to the question: what’s the next from Nikon? Will we see a true D700 replacement? There have been rumors about D400 will be a FX-format camera, not a top-of-the-line DX-format camera. If so, what will be the Nikon D300s replacement?

Nikon Rumors have run a poll asking readers to choose if they prefer the Nikon D800 with 36MP or with 16MP sensor? The results showed more than half wanted the 16 megapixel sensor.

Nikon D800 with 36MP or with 16MP sensor - Poll by Nikon Rumors

Nikon D4 has 16 megapixel sensor but its price is out of reach for many people. Are we going to see a low MP count entry to mid level FX-format camera? Thom Hogan offered some of his thoughts on Nikon’s next move in the aforementioned February 25 blog post.

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