The Nikon D800 may be Nikon’s most anticipated DSLR camera. Its great feature list especially the massive pixel count attracted many people to pre-order. The demand has been unprecedented and there are wide spread shortages reported. In the mad rush, are early adopters of Nikon D800 the Guinea Pigs to expose issues with the camera?

The Nikon D800 is a sophisticated piece of electronics. Like all other electronics products, it may be normal for a production line to be unstable at the initial production ramp and issues get ironed out. It may also be common for an issue that wasn’t identified during product development or testing to surface. Among the exciting first impressions and wonderful first shots, there are also some issues reported for the recently launched Nikon D800. Please note these reported issues may not be the case for all users and some may even be simple user errors.

  • Green tint on the LCD when using Auto WB. This has been reported by Nikon Rumors as well. It seems to be the case on my D800 as well. After customizing the Auto WB in Shooting Menu the problem went away. A discussion of this issue can be found on flickr.
  • Poor LiveView interpolation. It seems Nikon D800 is skipping lines in the LiveView mode and is not showing the full sensor data. This has been confirmed by multiple users and is like to affect all Nikon D800 cameras.
  • Wirelss flash issues. Here is a report of unreliable wireless flash issue. I have personally tested this and found no issue.

Are you seeing any issues with your Nikon D800?

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