False colors and moiré patterns can appear in images when shooting repetitive patterns. Moiré is nothing new. It was well known that Nikon D70, the first consumer DSLR camera from Nikon, produces moiré pattern easily due to a weak anti-aliasing filter in front of the image sensor. The recently announced D800E removes the “effect” of the anti-aliasing filter, which results in a small gain in sharpness and resolution but carries an increased chance of false color and moiré. Read More…

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The following is a video showing how an image is captured in a digital camera and how fast memory cards and card readers can help to speed up the process. The video is posted by Lexar Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc. Read More…

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Nikon has just released their NEF RAW workflow software View NX 2.3.0 (full version) and Capture NX 2.3.1 (updater). As usual, bug fixes, enhancements, and supports for new cameras are added. Nikon View NX 2.3.0 and Picture Control Utility now work as native 64-bit applications under 64-bit version of Windows 7 and Vista. Capture NX 2.3.1 adds the support for D4. It didn’t mention D800 because the support is already in the earlier version. The Nikon D800 was supposed to be released the previous year. Read More…

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Canon USA published an article about some common EOS error messages displayed by Canon EOS DSLR cameras and what to do if you encounter an error message.

Why should a user bother with understanding the error messages? Basically the error messages may help users to fix minor problems themselves and avoid unnecessary service requests.

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A person who carefully scrutinizes a magnified digital photograph in order to evaluate resolution and image quality. -Wiktionary

The above is the definition of pixel peepers by Wiktionary. It seems pretty neutral but sometimes pixel peeper can be used as a derogatory remark (see Urban Dictionary). Read More…

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One benefit of shooting RAW image is that RAW photo editors do not change the RAW image data but only save or embed the editing information along with the image data. When the edited RAW photo is opened in the editing software later, the software re-renders the image using the original image data and the stored editing information. As a result you can mess with a RAW photo and go back to the original without any loss of image information. This is not the case for JPEG photos. Each time a JPEG file is modified and saved the image data is permanently altered. Since image data is saved in 8-bit per color format and lousy compression algorithm is used to reduce the file size, image data can be permanently lost. Read More…

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Dear Photograph
The Guardian has a fascinating story of how Dear Photograph, a nostalgic blog with just six pictures of old family snapshots lined up in their original setting went viral and now gets 20000 hits a day.

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I came across Nexus Image at Lifehacker today. It was introduced as a “Fast, Free Image Viewer for Windows”. Read More…

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