Canon USA published an article about some common EOS error messages displayed by Canon EOS DSLR cameras and what to do if you encounter an error message.

Why should a user bother with understanding the error messages? Basically the error messages may help users to fix minor problems themselves and avoid unnecessary service requests.

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A person who carefully scrutinizes a magnified digital photograph in order to evaluate resolution and image quality. -Wiktionary

The above is the definition of pixel peepers by Wiktionary. It seems pretty neutral but sometimes pixel peeper can be used as a derogatory remark (see Urban Dictionary). Read More…

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If you were lucky enough to grab a copy of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 on black Friday, you are likely just on the learning curve of the software. There are actually some good free resources on the web that can help you to become a Lightroom expert fast.

The first one is from the maker of the software, Adobe. Getting started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a series of videos in which the presenter Julieanne Kost, senior digital imaging evangelist of Adobe, takes you through some detailed tutorials to learn the features and workflows of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

Julieanne Kost also has her own website with many great Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 resources.

Want to read more about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3? Lightroom Journal, the dedicated blog for APL3 has a great list of online resources.

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The abbreviation d.r.f or drf stands for de.rec.fotografie, a newsgroup on Usnet German. Photography enthusiasts there created a wiki-style FAQ site called drf-FAQ. In there you can find various interesting pages. The one that got my attention was their Nikon i-TTL page (Google translation, see original German language page).

The page starts with brief history and the basic principles of the Nikon iTTL system, then it goes through iTTL capabilities of various cameras and flashes (including both Nikon and 3rd party products). It also has a section about the limitations, problems, and workarounds of Nikon iTTL system.

DPTnT is mentioned on the page for our contribution in understanding the working principles of Nikon creative lighting system (CLS) advanced wireless lighting (AWL).

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Photography related rumor sites are popping up all over the internet. Fueled by technology advancements in digital photography and human nature, these sites have enthusiastic audiences who believe new gears are the saviors of their technical weakness that cannot be overcome otherwise.

Brand specific rumor sites

Other rumor sites

  • 4/3 Rumors – Panasonic and Olympus 4/3 digital camera news
  • Mirrorless Rumors – Mirrorless interchangable lens cameras.
  • Lighting Rumors – news, reviews and comparisons of photographic lighting equipment and accessories
  • Lens Rumors – The site is not just for lens as it seems. It has information about Canon, Nikon, Leica cameras in general.
  • Photo Rumors – General photography rumors. Site is run by the same guys behind Nikon Rumors and Leica Rumors.
  • Camera rumors – Latest rumors for various cameras.

Did I miss any rumor sites? Please let me know using the comment box below.

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For beginners or less tech savvy people, understanding all the terms on the Nikon’s nikkor lens feature description page may be a little daunting. Nikon is certainly aware of that so people at Nikon have made it easier with their web site.

The following is what you see when you visit Nikon USA camera lens page. I highlighted in red oval the Glossary check box. Once checked, the webpage should show all the glossary terms highlighted in yellow. You only have to check it once and all the pages on the camera lenses section you browse should have the terms highlighted.

The following is an example from the page of AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR showing the explanation of super integrated coating (SIC).

For the markings on the Nikkor lens barrels, you can click on the lens feature icons on individual lens page or read this article titled How to Read Your Lens Barrel where many examples are shown and terms explained.

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No matter what level of photography expertise you have, you will unavoidably have questions. If you want immediate answers, search engines such as Google is a good place to go. You can find answers for almost anything you want to know, photography stuff included. Sometimes it can be very frustrating on the search sites though. It is common to see loads of useless sites come up on top of the returned results based on the words you enter.

There are many photography related forums on the internet. The major problem with most of those forums is the quality of the discussion. Many of them are full of gear fanatics and rudeness runs rampant. You may also have to go through the entire thread of find the information you need. Very often some people jump in and lead the discussion astray.

Is there a better place to ask photography related questions? Read More…

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Is it even possible to do high speed photography at slow shutter speed such as 1/10 second? Think about the moment a bullet goes through a water balloon or a projectile from a coil gun cutting through a column of water. Read More…

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