The Nikon D800 may be Nikon’s most anticipated DSLR camera. Its great feature list especially the massive pixel count attracted many people to pre-order. The demand has been unprecedented and there are wide spread shortages reported. In the mad rush, are early adopters of Nikon D800 the Guinea Pigs to expose issues with the camera? Read More…

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Is it possible to train and turn a newbie photographer into a pro photographer in a week? Watch the following video to find out result of DigitalRevTV’s experiment.

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Should reporters and news organizations be allowed to use high dynamic range photos for reporting news? Washington Post’s use of a HDR image on its front page in January started a debate. Sean Elliot, president of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) said no but John Omvik, Marketing VP with HDR software maker Unified Color understandably disagrees. To join the debate, please visit the DPReview article here.

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Fstoppers posted an editorial by Jaron Schneider titled How China Changed the American Lighting Industry. The editorial offered an in-depth account of how outsourcing of lighting product manufacturing to China 25 years ago, driven by the desire for higher profits, led to the eventual destruction of American photography lighting industry.

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A Seattle-area bride complained on Craig’s List that she couldn’t find a “decently priced, exceptional, amazingly talented, fun” wedding photographer who doesn’t charge less than $3000. She thought the $3000 price tag for a wedding is a WACK. That quickly drew some angry responses from wedding photographers. You can read one response on PetaPixel and another on a wedding photographer’s blog.

The wedding photographers tried to justify the price/wedding using their high costs of doing the business. That certainly resonates with many other photographers. Also wedding photography isn’t just about a day of shooting. There are also preparation work and post-processing work need to be done. Some calculated that the price/hour isn’t much higher than plumber or electrician.

Not all responses are supportive though. Some pointed out that it is unreasonable to expect 4-month wedding season work to cover all year’s expenses. Others pointed out the photographers were wrong about justifying the price by high cost of their businesses. Based on economics principle, the price is determined by the market. It is quite interesting to read through the comments attached to the photographers’ responses.

The story was also picked up by DPreview and generated hundreds of comments.

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It doesn’t look like many people get very excited about the new Nikon SB-910, except Joe McNally of course, who shot the images that came with the product announcement.

The guys at Nikon Rumors have a quick rundown of the differences between SB-900 and SB-910. There aren’t many improvements that are truly exciting. The biggest improvement is perhaps the better thermal management circuit on the SB-910. The other improvements that are worth mentioning are the new dedicated menu button and the hard plastic filters for fluorescent and incandescent color correction. You can check out the specs for both: SB-900 and SB-910. Read More…

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In US, the Daylight Saving Time stopped today. Many modern gadgets can adjust the time automatically but many cannot. The same applies to digital cameras. It is probably a good idea to check your camera for the accuracy anyway. Some camera can sync time with computer when connected via a USB cable. However this may not work if you have been transferring photos using card readers all the time.

If your camera is made before 2007, it might have ended the Daylight Saving Time one month earlier because Daylight Saving Time in US was extended one month beginning in 2007.

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When iStockphoto announced its plan for royalty rate change for 2011 on September 7th, the overwhelming response from its contributors was anger mixed with shock. The original thread quickly grew to over 2600 posts and was locked down when iStockphoto posted an official response. That thread grew to 3335 posts before another official response came.

Despite the better efforts that iStockphoto management put in in the latest explanation, the angers among contributors who will be affected financially seem even harder to quench. For some, the explanations are oil over the fire. Sentence such as “… money isn’t going to be what makes you all happy” is a poke to the eye for many. The responses are still overwhelmingly negative. Some contributors have started deactivating files, others are thinking about ending their exclusivity and spreading out, a few are tossing an idea about co-op site, some decided to wait and see… Read More…

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