Remember the iPhone/iPod Touch application My Eyes Only Photo we talked about a while ago? The application allows you to encrypt sensitive images to safe guard your privacy.

Today I saw an inspiring story on The Arizona Republic about how the application’s creator, Joe Michels, started his Plan B as he saw jobs disappeared at his former employer’s firm. After spending a few months worth of nights and weekends writing his first iPhone application, he succeeded. When the development team he had supervised at his former job was laid-off, and his old boss was on his way out, Joe already had his Plan B on a firm ground.

He thought he made the right decision to quit his job last Fall.

My Eyes Only Photo was his second iPhone application. It was released this summer at $3.99 (currently $1.99 at App Store). There isn’t an exact dollar figure to show us how well it does but sales right now “are enough to make a good living” according to Joe’s words in the article .

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The Modesto Bee has an inspiring article about how a Latvia-born immigrant, former group health insurance compliance and contracts officer stayed with her passion for art and photography and developed a fusion digital media format that blends images using photography as well as techniques from printmaking and watercolor to create an entirely new and different digital art.

When it comes to advices for young artists, Anna has the following:

Don’t be afraid. Let go. Let your creativity flow, and don’t worry about whether someone else will like it or not and forget the rules. Just be free. Most of us are born with wonderful imagination and creativity, but it is stifled and beaten out of us by the public school system and by adults who insist that pictures must look realistic — that the sky must be blue, that the grass must be green. When you get to college and if you decide you want to be an artist, you then need to undo all of that learning and relearn to be free and creative again. True art is creativity. There are many people who can learn technique, who can copy from photographs and pictures. That isn’t really true art. True art is new and creative and comes from the soul; it’s expression and emotion. Don’t be afraid to show yours.

For many of us, perhaps we spend too much more time worrying about gears than developing skills, or become complacent after getting some nice looking photos. The limit of our potentials are coming from within ourselves.

Check out Anna’s work here.

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Let’s face it. The value of a digital camera drops like a rock over time. I spent $1300 on a Nikon D70 in 2004. It is now worth about $300, without factoring in the inflation. How to make the photography hobby worth the big price tag besides the pure enjoyment? Read this interesting post on the personal finance blog I will teach you to be rich. In addition to what were said there, I found selling photos is another obvious way of paying for the cost of photography hobby. I made enough on a micro stock photo site (with just a few hundred photos) to cover the cost of the D70, a D200, and half a dozen decent lenses in the past a few years.

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It’s never too late to chase your dream.

This is the motto of 53 year old Terry Isaacson, who had a dramatic career change from a auto body mechanic to a fashion photographer. Read this inspiring Daily Herald story.

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The Jerusalem Post has a story of how Robert A. Cumins, the photographer who specializes in documentary photography in Middle East, captured the second hijacked plane crashing into one of the the World Trade Center towers six years ago.

The photos have won numerous awards and were featured on magazine covers such as Time and People. The event also profoundly affected the photographer. There is also a related story (2006) on the Montclair Times, in which Robert shared his 9/11 memories.

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Slorker has a collection of the pictures that changed the world. It appears that most of the photos were taken by members of the professional press. In the age of digital photography, it is so much easier for an ordinary people to take a photo using digital camera and distribute via photo sharing sites such as Flickr, PBase, Picssa, etc or via blogs to a large audience. Perhaps you could also capture a world-changing photo.

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This is the first time I heard of World Photography Day. Apparently every August 19 is the World Photography Day. Here is an article talking about how technology has transformed photography from the “exclusive domain to an everyday celebration”: Photography: A long journey thru lens.

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What do you take pictures for? Document your life? Have some fun? Has it been difficult for you? How did you get where you are today? What subjects are you interested in? What’s your attitude towards post-process? Do you photoshop a lot or just shoot it and leave it? Do you want to become a professional photographer? Have you found friendship via mutual love of photography? …

Each of you will most likely have very different answers to these questions. It is also not surprising to find some common grounds between two persons. Read the story of two men sharing passion for photography and tell us what you think.

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