Love podcasts? How about some great photography podcasts for you. These are the iTunes most popular digital photography podcasts.

  1. Photoshop for digital photographers by Michael Rather from The Digital Photography Connection. Quick tips and time saving techniques for today’s digital photographer.
  2. 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks by Kent Conklin. The podcast with quick, useful Photoshop tips and tricks for the beginner and advanced digital photographer alike.
  3. TPN :: The Digital Photography Show by Scott Sherman from The Digital Photography Show. Digital Photography tips & tricks.
  4. Photography 101 by Scott Wittenburg. Hosted by photographer and author Scott Wittenburg, this podcast is for anybody who wants to learn the secrets of taking better photographs traditionally or digitally.
  5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from Adobe Systems Inc. This podcast series is designed to give you access to the real story behind Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Read More…
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I am speechless…
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Check out these funny pictures. 😉

Source: Scribd.

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This is one of the “show me your best ??? pictures” (replace ??? with your favorite camera model) threads going on at DPReview. People are showing off photos taken with Canon 5D in Canon EOS-1D/1Ds/5D forum to a potential Nikon deserter. Even though I am big time Nikon fan, I have to admit that the 5D is very nice for image quality, especially at high ISO. Check out this Pbase gallery too.

Dear readers, do you have your favorite “show me your best ??? pictures” thread anywhere? Please drop me a line at picmax at gmail dot com.

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It is fun to take photos but not so fun to have a run-in with the law, unless you want some attention and publicity badly. On the other hand, you probably want to know the legal rights as a photographer so you can protect your work and enjoy photography without any fear. Here is a good collection of legal issues for photographers.

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This is a terrific collection of online photography tools. The collection is organized in the following sections.

  • Online photo editors
  • Photo sharing
  • Free photo hosting
  • Photography blogs
  • Mobile
  • Photo mixing and sideshows
  • Photo printing and book creation
  • Photo search
  • Stock photos

Maybe not everything is for you, but I am sure you will find something enjoyable or useful.

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Perhaps you have been enjoying your DSLR very much and are curious if the shutter on your beloved DSLR has approached its life expectancy. Here are some information on how to find out the total shutter actuations.

For both Windows and Mac OS X users, the best tool to use is the ExifTool by Phol Harvey. Simply run the following command in a Windows command window or in Mac’s Terminal window (Replace MyPhoto with the photo file you want to get the shutter count):

exiftool -ShutterCount MyPhoto

ExifTool is a very powerful command-line utility. In Windows, simply drag and drop the photo over its default name “exiftool(-k).exe” and a console window will show you all the Exif information. 

You can rename it to “exiftool(-k -a -u -g1 -w txt).exe” to get it to write the Exif information into a text file. This assumes that the shutter actuation count is actually recorded in the Exif.

For more details on how to use ExifTool, please check out the software’s website.

Alternatively, you can try to use software such as PhotoME or Opanda iExif.

Canon DSLR users may want to check out the utility program called EOSInfo (a Windows only program). Please note the following on the EOSInfo website.

The shutter count information is available *only* on Canon DIGIC III/IV DSLRs *except* the 1D* series. This means that EOSInfo will display the shutter counter for the 40D, the 50D, the 450D, 500D, and the 1000D. It will also show the shutter counter for the 5DMkII, but the camera must be power-cycled before the value is updated. The shutter counter will not be displayed (or will be displayed as “0”) on the 1D*, 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 300D, 350D, and 400D. It’s not that I have anything against the owners of those cameras, but simply that the Canon SDK does not support retrieving the shutter count for them. UPDATE (08/06/2009): Apparently, Canon has removed the facility for checking the shutter count on the 500D …

If you cannot seem to find the total shutter actuations of your camera, it is possible that the information is not there. The camera manufacturer may choose not to implement it, or it may be hidden somewhere in the camera but not written to the image file.

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I am curious if most people know who has the largest market share in CMOS image sensor. Is it Canon? Nope, it is Micron Technology Inc (see this media presentation from Micron). So I guess it is not so strange that Micron makes the 2MP image sensor for the iPhone.

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