I just saw this awesome link (on Digg) to 40 intriguing and fun digitally created photos. Reality and fantasy are a little difficult to distinguish in the Digital World.

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Check out this 360 degree panorama of Time Square with sound (needs Apple QuickTime player). Check out more QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas on the same site, or at FullScreenQTVR.COM. It is just amazing what digital photography can do to break the space and time barriers to bring realistic virtual reality (VR) to you.

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Nikon USA is offering a $30 discount on the full version Capture NX that is listed for $149.95 at Nikon Mall. To get the discount, use coupon code 3000N4429P. The final price is $119.95. This offer is good until January 6, 2008.

Update: Please see the comment below from Jeff for a lower priced and boxed (instead of download) Capture NX.

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Do you always believe what you see? Is a picture worth a thousand words, or nothing?  Where is the line between being artistic and truthful?  It could be fun to make fake photos, but it could also be dead serious if you lose your job for that. Follow this link for a list of famous fakes in the history and the stories behind them. Digg users have also chipped in some other great fakes in their comments.

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Where the streets have no nameWhere the streets have no name by Smaku

You probably have seen these sparkles (stars). Many people like the effect in their night photos but some think those are distractions. What causes these? How to enhance or reduce the effect? Read on to find out the answer.
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about two, three, or more? A series of photo can tell a story from beginning to end with such easy-to-understand fashion that there is really no need to describe them. Read the following picture story to see if you can understand what happened on the soccer field. Read More…

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Nikon D300 is available now. Some of you are probably actively looking for a good deal even though it is difficult to find a substantial discount on such an eagerly anticipated product. One of my friends told me he found “some great deals” (screen capture) from dealers with thousands of “good” reviews.

However, the dealers with thousands of reviews and five star ratings are well known scam sites. For example,  this one, and this one, which seem to have the “best deals” on the D300. If you do a Google search on this shopping site, you will realize what it is about.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it  probably is. Avoid them completely and do not take any chances.

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What are your favorite lens apertures? After running the stats on 20K+ photos on one of my hard drives, I plotted the data in this chart.

Aperture stats

My most popular aperture is f/8. It looks like I am the “set the lens at f/8 and shoot away” type. The fact is that I shoot lots of landscapes and f/8 works well most of the time. I go to extremes of f/2.8 when I want to have very shallow depth of field (DOF). For most family activity and informal portrait shots, I use f/5.6 to ensure sufficient DOF and avoid busy background associated with smaller apertures. Read More…

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